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We specialize in designing and developing web and mobile applications globally, integrating AI to ensure amazing user experiences.

Developing software for innovators and change makers


Founded in 2016, Flipico is a digital acceleration consultancy that develops transformative software for innovators worldwide. We offer customized digital solutions, tools, and expertise to empower businesses of all sizes, crafting beautifully designed products that enhance efficiency and creativity.

Since our inception, our foremost objective has been to empower entrepreneurs by helping them develop impactful software solutions. We are committed to creating and launching products that not only aid people but also contribute to making the world a better place for all, including our team.

Wojciech Smoła

CEO & Co-founder, Flipico

Flipico's core values


Our values guide our collaborations with clients, ensuring we deliver outstanding user experiences enhanced by the latest technologies.


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Projects delivered

We are still evolving

Flipico's core values have developed in tandem with our company's expansion and learning experiences. These values represent our goals and may evolve as we continually aim higher. We consider these principles essential to our corporate culture and to the individual achievements of our team members.

Surpass Expectations

Always aim higher than "good enough." Strive for excellence in every task to exceed both client and colleague expectations.

Embrace Learning

View every success and failure as a learning opportunity. Taking risks and making mistakes are essential steps in learning and innovation.

Deliver Results

Focus on achieving results without excuses. Commit to completing tasks efficiently and effectively.

Promote Transparency

Maintain openness and clarity about your work. Being direct and transparent fosters trust and facilitates clear communication.

Crafting visions and world-class experiences.


Working with Flipico has profoundly influenced our capacity for innovation and rapid execution. The team at Flipico is committed to not just fulfilling requests, but also to delivering beyond expectations.